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Mezé Natural Cosmetics
Josipdol 58
2364 Ribnica na Pohorju

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Spice up your e-bike experiences and make your natural cosmetics. Our Mira organizes workshops with 100% natural cosmetics from ingredients she handpicks in the forests and meadows of our beautiful Pohorje. In the heart of Pohorje, there is still pure and unspoiled nature, clean drinking, and "living" water.
All the raw materials of her cosmetics are natural, collected by hand, and grown organically or naturally. She makes them by hand, and they contain all her love and gratitude to nature for offering us these wonderful and precious raw materials.
Her workshops are full of inspiration, relaxation, and new insights, perfect for a short break between the e-bike adventures we offer!

Mira's story, condensed into a few beautiful sentences:

I am Mira, and I chose to study chemistry and biology thirty-five years ago. I wanted to follow my dreams.

Life is unpredictable. It took me in another direction, different but beautiful. I got a job in my hometown and started a family, but I was missing something, longing for something.

Ten years ago, I got sick, and then I asked myself: what do I long for so much? What do I miss? I looked back to my youth. It was very quickly clear, I have to change my life. I devoted all my free time to gathering medicinal plants in the forests and meadows of Pohorje and actively reading literature.
I started making my first products for my loved ones and friends. The responses were full of enthusiasm, but I calmed my soul and became aware of that through self-awareness and a positive attitude towards nature, I transferred this kind of wealth to other people as well.

I realized that making fresh, natural products is what makes me happy. All my products are handpicked and made with soul and love.


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