Blacksmith “Kovačija pri Kovaču”


Opening hours:

Every day by appointment

You can also find us 150m lower on the way to Podvelka - Trgovina gostilna Uran


Gsm: (+386) 051 635 171 (Tinca)

Gsm: (+386) 051 354 880 (Ivanka)

Address: Janževski vrh 75, 2363 Podvelka


Blacksmith "Kovačija pri Kovaču" connects the past with the present and it opens a new path into the future. Its visitors are taken to the past and it gives them a glimpse of what the food in those tasted like. The visitors can experience a genuine contact with fire by forging initials of their names and they can take their initials home as a souvenir.

Next to the blacksmith Kovač lies a meadow which attract visitors in the summer to relax and to relieve stress. Special energy can be felt from the stream which comes down from Pohorje and with its fresh water passes by the meadow and flows into the valley. It is a special feeling when in summer visitors get into the water to feel its drops that cools the body. In the vicinity of the blacksmith grows a 200 year-old linden tree which tells the stories of all people who once lived here.

When a day turns into night, the visitors are invited into blacksmith's room to rest on the (restored) bed which was once used by the blacksmith Kovač. Drinks made of herbs, which are growing on the blacksmith's garden, will help you sleep better. These herbs were grown by the blacksmith’s aunt Maria who was known for her herb garden.

Even the youngest will find something for themselves here. Children can play with pig Edi, chicken Čopka, dog Arron, a cat named Stan, and with bunnies that live near the blacksmith Kovač.


We accept cash only.