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Hoot Boreal Owl

  • Lake Peak Apartments, Ribniško Pohorje
  • 1h 45min
  • 24 km


After 7 km on 942 meters above sea level, you will reach the 16th Century St. Bolfenk church. Legend has it that St. Bolfenk threw an ax in the direction where he later built a church. Next to the church is a Linden tree, planted in 1648, after the Thirty Years War, to commemorate the Peace of Westphalia. You will pass Mountain Hut Pesnik, built before II. World War. After 1945 had a significant role because Mountain Hut Ribniška koča burned down. They renamed it Shelter House Pesnik.

What is the plan

* Start in the parking area in front of the Lake Peak Apartments
* Pass the village school on right and at the first crossroads turn left
* Go straight and next to the market turn left
* 0,9 km make a right turn
* Continue on the main road
* 2,3 km turn sharp left towards Hudi kot
* 4,1 km hold on right side
* 6,3 km sharp right towards St. Bolfenk church
* 7 km reach St. Bolfenk church
* Make U-turn
* 7,6 km turn right to the main road
* 7,7 km sharp left
* 7,8 km turn right
* 8 km turn left
* 8,7 km turn right
* 9,3 km turn right
* 10,8 km turn left
* 11,6 km turn sharp right
* 12,4 turn right
* 13 km turn sharp left
* 14,1 km turn left
* 15 km turn sharp left
* 15,8 km turn left
* 17,8 km turn right
* hold on right side
* 18,2 km reach Mountain hut Pesnik
* Continue towards Ribnica na Pohorju
* 19,3 km turn right
* 20,4 km turn sharp left
* 20,6 km turn right
* 20,7 km turn left
* Continue straight
* 21,9 km turn sharp left
* 22,3 km turn sharp right
* Continue on the main road towards Ribnica na Pohorju
* 23,8 km turn left and you’ll get back to the starting point Lake Peak Apartments


  • St. Bolfenk church
  • Mountain hut Pesnik

What to bring

E-bike battery charger, bicycle helmet, protectors for knees and elbows, cycling clothes and shoes, sun cream, windbreaker, extra t-shirt, towel.


Rental and additional offer

Rent :
E-bike Specialized Turbo Levo
Protectors for elbows and knees
GPS (Garmin) device

Shuttle from the airport
Fast washing and drying of cycling clothes

Rental & service is located at the Lake Peak Apartments.

Free services