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Hoot boreal owl

  • Breza&Tisa Apartments
  • 1h 45min
  • 24 km
  • With refreshment stop


After 7 km on 942 meter above the sea level you will reach the 16. century St. Bolfenk church. Legend has it that St. Bolfenk decided where to build the church in such a way, that he threw an axe in a specific direction. Next to the church there is a linden tree, which was planted to commemorate the Peace of Westphalia, at the end of the Thirty Years’ War, in 1648.
Tour passes one refreshment stop, Mountain hut Pesnik which was built before the World War II. After 1945 its role was significant because the Hut Ribniška koča was burned down. They renamed it to Shelter house Pesnik. Today, they are known for the best mushroom soup in the area, and also enable charging of e-bike batteries.

What is the plan

* Start on the parking area in front of the Apartments Breza&Tisa
* Pass the village school on right and on first crossroads turn left
* Go straight and next to the market turn left
* 0,9 km make right turn
* Continue on main road
* 2,3 km turn sharp left towards Hudi kot
* 4,1 km hold on right side
* 6,3 km sharp right towards St. Bolfenk church
* 7 km reach St. Bolfenk church
* Make U-turn
* 7,6 km turn right to the main road
* 7,7 km sharp left
* 7,8 km turn right
* 8 km turn left
* 8,7 km turn right
* 9,3 km turn right
* 10,8 km turn left
* 11,6 km turn sharp right
* 12,4 turn right
* 13 km turn sharp left
* 14,1 km turn left
* 15 km turn sharp left
* 15,8 km turn left
* 17,8 km turn turn right
* hold on right side
* 18,2 km reach Mountain hut Pesnik
* Continue towards Ribnica na Pohorju
* 19,3 km turn right
* 20,4 km turn sharp left
* 20,6 km turn right
* 20,7 km turn left
* Continue straight
* 21,9 km turn sharp left
* 22,3 km turn sharp right
* Continue on the main road towards Ribnica na Pohorju
* 23,8 km turn left and you’ll get back to the starting point


  • St. Bolfenk church
  • Mountain hut Pesnik

Good to know

Tour passes Mountain hut where you can charge your e-bike battery and have some refreshment.


Phone: +386 40 471 317

Address: Hudi kot 28, 2364 Ribnica na Pohorju

Opening hours: 24 hour / day, from 15.04.2019 until 15.10.2019

Opening hours: 24 hour / day; Friday, Saturday, Sunday till 15.04.2019

What to bring

E-bike battery charger, bicycle helmet, protectors for knees and elbows, cycling clothes and shoes, sun cream, windbreaker, extra t-shirt, towel.


Rental and additional offer

Rent :
E-bike Specialized Turbo Levo
Protectors for elbows and knees
GPS (Garmin) device

Shuttle from the airport
Fast washing and drying of cycling clothes

Rental & service is located at the Apartments Breza&Tisa.

Free services