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  • Lake Peak Apartments, Ribniško Pohorje
  • 1h 45 min
  • 24 km
  • With refreshment stop


After 7,2 km you will reach St. Janez church on Janževski vrh, from the 16th century.  Its been known for centuries, that the church on the peak Janževski vrh (912 meters above the sea level), and its local area, are sources of healing energy. Today this is a cultural monument and spiritual place. Next to it grows a giant Turkish linden with a trunk circumference of 430 centimeters.
On 15,8 km you'll pass the refreshment stop: Forge Kovačija. You will enjoy their 200 years old blacksmith tradition. The blacksmith will present the manufacture from iron to the product, and you will enjoy old recipes of smithy snacks and drinks. 

What is the plan

* Start in the parking area in front of the Lake Peak Apartments
* Pass the village school on right and on the first crossroads turn left
* Go straight and next to the market turn right towards Podvelka
* 0,6 km go straight towards graveyard and Church
* 0,8 km turn left and continue on the main road
* 1,55 km turn left
* 2,6 km sharp left
* 2,9 km slightly turn right
* 4,6 km sharp left
* 5,3 km sharp right into asphalt road towards Janževski vrh
* 7,2 km stay on the main road and proceed towards Janževski vrh
* 8,8 km make a U-turn and go back on the main road towards Ribnica na Pohorju
* 10,4 km by the chapel on your right, turn left towards Lehen – Podvelka
* continue on this road to the main road Ribnica na Pohorju – Podvelka (descent)
* 15 km left turn to main road Ribnica na Pohorju – Podvelka
* 15,8 km visit the blacksmith museum on your right
* make U turn and continue on main road Podvelka – Ribnica na Pohorju (ascent)
* 18,6 km turn left towards Josipdol
* 19,8 km go straight and continue on this road
* 20,2 km turn right towards quarry Josipdol
* 20,4 km turn sharp right
* 20,6 km take the right gravel road
* 21,1 km pass the courtyard of the farm
* 21,25 km turn right to the forest road
* 22,1 km pass the courtyard of the farm Kogelnik
* 22,55 km slightly left, stay on the main road
* 22,65 km sharp turn left and continue on this road to church Ribnica na Pohorju
* 23,23 km by the church turn left towards Ribniška koča
* 23,28 km on signpost Reception turn right towards Lake Peak Apartments.


  • Peak Janževski vrh
  • St. Janez church
  • Forge Kovačija pri Kovaču

Good to know

Tour passes an old Blacksmith workshop where you can charge your e-bike battery and have some refreshment.


Phone:  +386 51 635 171

Address: Janževski vrh 74, 2363 Podvelka

Opening hours: by appointment

What to bring

Bicycle helmet, protectors for knees and elbows, cycling clothes and shoes, sun cream, windbreaker, extra t-shirt, towel.


Rental and additional offer

Rent :
E-bike Specialized Turbo Levo
Protectors for elbows and knees
GPS (Garmin) device

Shuttle from the airport
Fast washing and drying of cycling clothes

Rental & service is located at the Lake Peak Apartments.

Free services