From 420 €
  • 4 days in contact with nature
  • 3 guided biking tours
  • Breakfast included
  • 4 nights at Breza&Tisa Apartments
  • 3600 m m
  • Moderate


Let the e-energy of the e-bike put a smile on your face when exploring the natural beauties of Pohorje. Peca's underground and the old city centre of Maribor are perfect for our explorers.

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Package includes fully organized 3 days guided tours with mountain e-bikes (110 km, 3600 m elevation gain), 4 nights accommodation at the Apartments Breza&Tisa 4*, cleaning fee, breakfast, shuttle.

Package valid from 1.5.2020-31.10.2020

What is the plan


Your arrival at the reception of the apartments Breza&Tisa 4*. We will get to know each other, make a brief overview of our bike program, and test all the biking equipment that you have. If you do not have your own, we will prepare one so that you can rent from us.

DAY 2 – 44 km, 1625 m elevation gain, 7h with stops

In the morning, we will deliver a fresh breakfast into your apartment. After breakfast, we will gather at the reception, where our experienced guide will take a close look at the bike equipment. After that, we will start with our first bike tour. We will ride along the forest paths and wide Pohorje’s meadows to get to our first stop – secret partisan hospitals from the 2nd World War. A complex of six secret houses where 300 wounded partisans were treated, were never discovered by a German occupier. Nearby at the Partisan Mountain hut, we will have time for a snack/lunch, recharge our e-bike battery, and continue to the little forestry house, a shelter where foresters lived and hidden when they were working at the forest. If you have a wish for more adrenaline, we can take a ride along the trails of Bike park Kope and continue towards Mountain hut Ribniška and Mountain hut Pesnik, where we can refresh ourselves or enjoy the breath-taking views. From here we will descend to the apartments.

DAY 3 – 64 km, 1604 m elevation gain, 10 h with stops

We will deliver a fresh breakfast into your apartments. After that, we will gather at the reception of the apartments and start with our second biking day. Along the way, in a small wooden log cabin, we will admire the open-air forestry museum – Lepšnik. From here, we will continue to lake Jelenovka, where was located a small glacier in the last ice age. We will continue to the beautiful lake Jezerc, which was the first glacial form found and described on Pohorje. Nearby, at the Mountain hut Pesek, we will take some time to rest and refresh with traditional snack/lunch. After that, we will continue to peak Klopni vrh and Mountain hut Klopni vrh, which was burned by the partisans in 1941, so that occupier wouldn’t arrange the outpost there. In the same year was one of the first open battles near the hut, where partisans defeated Germans for the first time. We will continue through the primeval forest Šumik and visit the waterfall (only in good and dry weather). At the Mountain hut Šumik, we will refresh ourselves with some traditional snack, continue towards Areh, and the viewing tower, which offers a beautiful view of the city of Maribor and surrounding hills. From here, we will descend to the city of Maribor (depends on your wishes – for more adrenaline, we can go to Bike park Maribor, or along the forest road). After a brief tour through the old town of Maribor, we will go on a delicious dinner to the Fudo restaurant. From here, we will have an organized shuttle that will take us to the Breza&Tisa apartments.

DAY 4 –  10 km, 6 h with stops

In the morning, we will deliver a fresh breakfast into your apartments. After breakfast, we will gather at the reception and start with our last day of bike adventures. An organized shuttle will take us to Mežica. We will begin with an unforgettable, underground biking path that will take us through abandoned and mysterious mine tunnels. With an organized shuttle, we will continue to the restaurant Koroška hiša Lipa, where we will enjoy traditional lunch and pleasant ambient. We will return full of impressions, and take some time to relax in feel like the home environment of our apartments.


Conclusion of our bike adventure and fully immersive nature experience.


  • Hospital from the II. World War
  • Mountain hut Partisan
  • Bike park Kope
  • Mountain hut Ribniška
  • Mountain hut Pesnik
  • Forestry museum Lepšnik
  • Lake Jelenovka
  • Lake Jezerc
  • Mountain hut Pesek - charging batteries
  • Peak Klopni vrh and mountain hut Klopni vrh
  • Primeval forest and waterfalls Šumik
  • Mountain hut Šumik
  • Areh and viewing tower
  • Bike park Maribor (optional)
  • Old town of Maribor
  • Bike adventure through the Peca's underground
  • Restaurant Lipa


We offer different kinds of accommodation. You can choose between our 4* Apartments Breza&Tisa or you can book a cabin at  Aunty Lena’s farm. Choose the option that best suits you by clicking on “Book a tour”.

Good to know

For an unforgettable e-bike e-xperience note the following instructions

What is included

  • 4 nights accommodation at the Apartments Breza&Tisa 4*
  • Cleaning fee
  • 4 breakfasts delivered to the apartment
  • 3 guided biking tours full of adventures
  • English and German speaking guide
  • Shuttle
  • Storage room for bicycles
  • Battery charging
  • Bike cleaning

What is NOT included

  • Tourist tax
  • Guest registration
  • Ticket to mine bicycle tour
  • Lunch, snacks and drinks
  • A shuttle of passengers and luggage from the airport

Group Size

Min 4, max 8 people can join the expedition.

What to bring

E-bike battery charger, windbreaker, hat, sun cream, towel, extra t-shirt


Booking & Payment

Use the “Book a tour” button and send us an email request.
Payment methods: Bank transfer, Credit Cards.


Free cancellation up to 14 days before the experience date. No refunds within 14 days of the experience date.

Free services


Additional Payments

Typical Lunch/dinner
Single room apartment
A shuttle from the airport
Cleaning cycling equipment
Fast washing and drying of cycling clothes
Rent of helmet and protectors for elbows and knees
Rent E-bike Specialized Turbo Levo
Rent GPS (Garmin) device